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Sell Your Used Telecom Equipment

Sell Your Used Telecom EquipmentAmerican Communications buys excess and surplus equipment so that you may sell your used telecom equipment through our worldwide network of contacts for high market value – helping you recoup on original equipment costs, expanding your budget, and providing you unforeseen funds to purchase new equipment.

Utilizing customized reporting and quarterly key performance indicators, we offer the highest rate of return on excess assets and have the flexibility of expanding to include repair services, spares management, logistical services, and new business opportunities. Click here to send us the list of networking equipment you would like to sell.

We Handle All Logistics for You

Our team will evaluate the remarketability of the networking equipment and assess current market value for each piece, so you’ll know you’ll be receiving the best value for your used telecom equipment.

Our Network Installation Experts will properly de-install your equipment, package it, and ship it to our warehouse for storage.

We’ll segment your equipment by product and manufacturer using bar code scanner technology integrated with a customized CLEI database to ensure each piece of your equipment is recorded properly.

Testing and Repair
Our team of technicians will inspect each piece of equipment thoroughly. If a piece of equipment needs repair, we’ll provide the resources and technology to guarantee each piece is ready to be sold.

We can store your telecom equipment in one of our expansize warehouses located around the country until we sell your used telecom equipment - so you can save on storage costs and avoid cluttering your equipment floor.

If your equipment does not come with original packaging, our team will prepare the equipment for shipment with durable packing materials to ensure equipment is protected during shipping to the end purchaser.

Our sales team will work on your behalf, using connections around the country and abroad, to sell your used telecom equipment for the highest possible market value.

Why Choose American Communications' ConsignPro to Sell Your Used Telecom Equipment?

  • Savings – Our client relationships throughout the industry, including contacts in Asia, Europe, and Latin America, allow us to offer you the highest possible market value for your equipment.
  • Stress-free Process – With equipment assessment and de-installation services available, we take the bother and risk out of asset recovery.
  • Consignment Programs – We will clean, test and repair your equipment and prepare it for resale. We will then actively work on your behalf to sell your equipment through our network of end-users and resellers, focusing in on those who will pay top dollar for your equipment.
  • Trade-in Programs – We provide you the option to trade-in used equipment for a credit towards purchases on new equipment directly from the manufacturer.
  • Maximizing Equipment Space – We will help you avoid cluttering your equipment room and costly storage of unused inventory.
  • Environmental Disposal – We can dispose of assets with little or no market value in compliance with U.S. state laws.

    Want to begin to sell your used telecom equipment or need more information? Contact an American Communications' representative at 866.593.5931 or